Hello, my love

You are your own pearl. If you don’t know anything else, but know yourself, then you are a scholar and a mystic. If you don’t know yourself then all the science and knowledge that you possess is useless

RUMI’S SECRET: The Life of the Sufi Poet of Love by Brad Hooch

Are you my celestial twin? Are you the secret in nature that whispers to me–that phantom fragment that makes all happiness one grain short of enough?

Are you my Maker, my Lord, who never receives due attention when I cast my net wide, searching for someone or something…?

Could you be the incorporeal love for whom I have tilled my land, preparing for a harvest that may never come…?

Hello, my missing part. I’m in that state of mind; those days when you stare at the keys to the world but something holds you back.

Hello, my love. Today I find that I am tired of songs about love, of quotes, novels, conversations and anecdotes about love. I am tired of Korean oppas and handsome television stars that beguile us into plasticizing the true face of love. I am tired of wearing out the muscles of my heart in caring for fickle mankind. Without this commercialized product labeled love, one’s life, like a news bulletin, attracts a cursory glance.

Television will not let me be happy or even moderately discontented. In every story there must be a dollop of romance. In the end, like many, I am always looking for a particular brand of love. Every woman and man is actively hunting down that species of love…

But if God is Love and Man a tiny subset of God, then Love is Man, isn’t it?

And if Love is You and Me, then what are we searching for? What am I searching for?

If we are Love and Love is God, then we are the very God that we don’t even know we seek.

Isn’t it amazing, I thought today,that nobody sees their own face when they stare into the face of their greatest Love? Isn’t it a shame that we pursue love with all our might, that we hate, lament our lack of Love with all our hearts, but never consider putting ourselves as that elusive great Love…?

If You are God and God is Love then all the Love in the world convenes in You.

Hello, my Love…

I’ve been searching in the wrong places, haven’t I?

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