What’s in a name?

Hey. Thank you for the shoutout on my flash fiction “Boat Drowns Lovers”. My eyes are saucers right now.

Writing Wrinkles

Titles are important. Which is unfortunate, because I struggle to think up a pithy title. But blog posts and writing gurus tell us that titles are important, so they must be.

Articles submitted to magazines are often renamed before publication. Publishers frequently publish novels with different titles from the ones dreamed up by their authors.

Titles matter.

I recently read a story that illustrates this well:Boat Drowns Lovers (by Justin Teopista Nagundi) on the flash fiction website 101 words (at https://101words.org/).

Titles are rarely counted as part of competition or submission wordcounts. With a limit of 101 words, this title was cleverly used to signal what the story was about. Without it, I might have struggled to understand the narrative.

So how can I find a killer title?

When I struggle to find the word I want in the pea soup that is my…

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