She Cries

Kumbe these skills had already been made in Uganda by 2011!

Words and Works of Jason Ntaro

The birth of the Kalashnikov did not give birth to war.

Do not be fooled.

Neither did the uprisings of protestors marching change any verdicts for any trial.

We are not in control.

Martin Luther King did not bring freedom for the westernized slaved men

And Mandela did not do shit for his kinsmen.

Screw the Obama craze of “yes we can“

And all of those nonsensical slogans.

Be gone with all your Greek mythology,

All your maths, physics and biology.

I want to know about me,

My history;

The wars, the Majimaji

The Mythicals, the Bacwezi,

My roots, MY reality.

BUT the reality IS THAT

We have lost our identity,

Our souls, our heritage,

Our ancestors’ stories now slowly fade to the back with the black lost ghost of self.

Left behind in a map and fled to a foreign land to try and understand why he couldn’t…

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