Those little things we do to or for others that shape our destiny…

I want to consult this blogger on his days as a school merchant.

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In deed, the little things we do to or for others can determine who we’re and or shape our destiny. I recall sometimes in the year 2008 or thereabout when I was in form three, I unknowingly landed on my first client. It was in RE; TENGECHA BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL VS. JAPHET THE HEAD BOY & 2 OTHERS AND RAYMOND MISOI ~EX PARTE APPLICANT.

I appeared for the Ex Parte Applicant. The respondents never entered their appearance to answer my Client’s claims.

The presiding Judge was our class teacher, Mr. Chirchir who doubled as our English/Literature teacher.

Back then, the school monitors/prefects had immense and unquestioned powers that they could even beat up fellow students.

They happen to beat up my good friend (My client) for unknown reasons. In fact, they brutalized him with a broomstick🧹. I knew nothing about the law relating to human rights but according to my…

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Meg Jay | The Defining Decade

I should reread this. I was forced to the first time.

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Title: The Defining decade, why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now

Author: Meg Jay

Published: 17thApril 2012

I read this book about a week ago, one of the first I have read after revamping my reading culture. It was a recommendation from a friend and I can not be any more glad that we initiated a conversation that led to him telling me about it. Most people that know me are probably tired of me telling them about this book, because of my love for it. I so much want every twenty something to take a trip through these pages. Sometimes I feel like I should force them. I couldn’t be any more glad that I read it soon enough. I read it in two sittings but over the weekend, I went back to it which prompted me into penning down.

Flipping through…

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